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Hi there, this page and the related content (on Facebook) are managed by me, Melissa Bailey, Founder and Director of Pandora Parent Group.  I’m a step-mother to two teens and mum to my 3 year old son.  This website is run in conjunction with the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pandoraparentgroup/ and email Pandoraparentgroup@gmail.com.  The purpose of the group is to allow parents to stay in contact with one another online, have access to resources through this page, and meet one another once a month.  The monthly meetings are set in a comfortable environment for parents to get to know and support one another.  Sometimes the support of other mums is all we need!  Other times we need the experts: enter our guest speakers!  Each month, we have at least one guest speaker to discuss a variety of issues relating to parenting, health, children and education.  Please contact me by Facebook message, email or reply to an entry on this page to ask questions or make suggestions.

We’re looking forward to meeting or catching up with you in 2016!  Please contact me with any queries.

~ Melissa


2 thoughts on “About & Contacts

    1. pandoraparentgroup Post author

      Hi Zoe, our next meeting is this Friday the 29th of July in the Sunset Lounge of the Belvedere Hotel on Woodcliffe Crescent, Woody Point. Please join our Facebook group under Pandora Parent Group to keep up to date with the event details!
      ~ Melissa


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