There will be a number of resources available to you from our guest speakers each month.  We endeavour to post them online if they are available.  All resources are available in print and at the monthly meetings for free.  Please note any advice therein is not advice from Pandora Parent Group and any recommendations should be considered in conjunction with you and your child’s health care professional.

~ Melissa

Below is the book entitled “Why am I in Pain?” by Nicholas Schuster, Physiotherapist at Scarborough Physio and Health.  When Nick visited Pandora Parent Group, he provided each parent with a copy of his book.  Here is an online copy for parents who were unable to make the group:



Below is the document supplied by Dr Tressa Houston, a pediatric chiropractor who discussed determining new born cries, baby sign language and the benefits of chiropractic for children.  See the resources supplied by Dr Tressa here:

Information on new born cries, baby sign language and chiro for kids.


Below is the document supplied by Dr David Houston from John Street Dental in Redcliffe:

Dental information for infants.


Below are the resources Brian Spooner, Pharmacist at THINK Pharmacy Kippa-Ring, provided to us in the June group:


Below are the resources Deb Blakely, Dietitian, provided to us in the May group:


The Redcliffe Library provided us with this fantastic resource to learn what types of books and stories children of different ages like to read:


Please visit to see the resources Deb Fay used in her presentation on relaxation, stress management and perception.  Hover your mouse over “My Life Juice Membership” and click on Pandora Parent Group.  This site is password protected, so please use the password “Pandora” to get in and access the files and relaxation MP3.





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